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Latitude: degrees
Longitude: degrees

From latitude 39.5856° N, longitude 104.89598° W:

The sun is located -71.3856° above the horizon
True compass bearing: 14.8363°

Time: AD 2014-11-29 AM 12:07:57.687 (Sat) Mountain Standard Time

Astronomical twilight begins05:23:43 AM MST
Nautical twilight begins05:56:06 AM MST
Civil twilight begins06:29:24 AM MST
Sunrise06:58:45 AM MST(in 6 hours, 50 min, 47 sec)at bearing 117.5864°
Transit11:47:58 AM MST(in 11 hours, 40 min, 0 sec)at altitude 28.8923°
 Daylight duration9 hours, 38 minutes, 10 seconds
Sunset04:36:55 PM MST(in 16 hours, 28 min, 57 sec)at bearing 242.3229°
Civil twilight ends05:06:16 PM MST
Nautical twilight ends05:39:33 PM MST
Astronomical twilight ends06:11:56 PM MST

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